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Steve Hoehner on recreational gymnastics warm ups

posted Jan 14, 2011, 2:27 PM by Dave Gribbin   [ updated Jan 14, 2011, 2:36 PM ]

Oklahoma Gold’s Warm-up procedures for school age gymnasts (15 to 30+ gymnasts at once)


Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics’ two warm up Mission Statements:

It’s warm up, not wear out!  Five minutes MAX!

Let’s begin with something FUN, stretching is not necessary for recreational.  We need ENERGY!


1st:  We begin ALL recreational gymnastics classes with a 1 minute cardio routine to music.

Coaches burn the cd’s with “dance type” hits

Coaches that lead the warm-up are free to do most any aerobic exercise they choose

It’s very upbeat and everyone gets involved (Coaches too!)


2nd:  We play a game or a challenge contest next.  (Examples below)

Whistle game

Concept: Lead coach blows a whistle, when whistle stops, everyone drops.  

Coach changes up the pattern (long, short, load, soft, etc.)

Boys against girls, etc.

Keep everyone in the game

Participation is the “name of the game”

Relay race

Divide gymnasts into small, even groups

Coaches name to race.  Each coach present gets to name one race

Encourages team work.

Hoola hoop

Divide up by classes

Teach the hoola hoop

End with the best of the best

Jump Rope

Same idea as Hoola Hoop

Simon Says

Great game to encourage listening

Weed out kids, and end with Best of the Best.


3rd:  Go see your Coach!  Each class then starts its first of three apparatus rotations.
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