Rules and Policies

The USA Gymnastics Women's Program Rules and Policies (unabridged in pdf form) governs competitors at sanctioned meets.  It is useful for parents, coaches, officials, and gymnasts.  It is the definitive source for the USAG organizational structure and includes a detailed hierarchy with contact information.  The entire document is about 120 pages, but it has an extensive and well organized index.  It is a great source for gymnasts and parents at every level of competitive gymnastics and describes in detail all expectations of coaches, officials, and gymnasts.  The document also describes expectations for each apparatus at the junior olympic and elite levels.  It provides a full description of the elite program and procedures for qualifying.  Many recommend at least scanning the document, since a large number of competitive gymnasts maintain a long-term interest in the sport and it helps to answer common questions.
The Oklahoma USAG Competition Policies is a concise version for Oklahoma which summarizes much of the information on meets, awards, and requirements for gymnasts to advance in compulsories and optionals, as well as requirements for hosting a meet.
The several other publications listed below are written more for officials and coaches.
The Meet Organization Guidelines (in pdf form) are a meet organizers one-stop shop for requirements and recommendations for meet organizers.  Nothing beats the voice of experience.  It helps to follow most of the rules as well.
The USA Gymnastics Women's Program Operating Code (in pdf form) describes the organizational structure and membership responsibilities at the national, regional, and state levels.  It covers election procedures and other criteria for office holders.
Coaches and serious gymnasts can keep up-to-date by viewing a list of current Technical Updates at the USAG site.
Everything you need to keep current, including music and requirements, regarding the junior olympic compulsory program can be found on this page of the USAG site.
And the most recent value charts and requirements for junior olympic optional competitors can be found as well.
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