Oklahoma USAG Competition Policies

Oklahoma USAG Competition Policies

Zoo Review – The Zoo Review is an annual competition that is sponsored by the Oklahoma Judges Association.  It is for Compulsory Gymnasts Level 4 thru 6.  The judges volunteer their time and fees, and the money raised goes for continuing Judges education and sending a Level 7 team to the National Judges Cup in order to show support to the National Judges Association.


National Judges  Cup – This annual competition is sponsored by the National Association of Judges and Oklahoma sends an Oklahoma delegation of Level 7 gymnasts.  To be on this team, the Oklahoma Judges Association holds a Level 7 competition the early part of November and the top 6 all-arounds will be on the Oklahoma Team.  The Judges Association pays for each gymnast’s travel, entry fee, leotard, and warm-up.   In order for a team to be able to enter gymnasts in this meet, they must participate in the Zoo Review.


Drop back date -  Oklahoma allows for gymnasts who have qualified at a lower level, to try the next level.  Even if they have qualified at the upper level and do not wish to stay in that level, they are allowed to move back to their previous level after the drop back date and compete at that level for the State Meet.  However, they must qualify at the lower level and are only allowed to drop back 1 level.  The purpose of this is for a gymnast to try the harder level with no penalty.  The drop back date is found in the Oklahoma Competition Schedule page in the State Directory.


State Competitions -    To go to the State Meet, a gymnast must qualify with a specific score at any sanctioned  meet . Qualifying scores are at the front of the directory.  


Age Group Awards,  State and Judges Cup

Level 4 Judges Cup – Every gymnast entered receives an award on every event and All-around.  Banners are presented to top 10 teams.


Level 5 and 6 Compulsory State Championships

State Qualifying medals are given to each competitor

Official USAG State Medals are given for each event and all-around.

(At least 50% are presented with awards from each age group.  No age group larger than 30.  Minimum of 3 places per age group)  Banners for top 10 teams (Level 5) and top 6 teams (Level 6) presented.


Levels  X-Cel , 7, 8, 9 and 10 Optional State Championships

State Qualifying medals are given to all  X-Cel and Level 7 Competitors.  Official USAG State Medals are presented to each event and all-around .   (At least  50% from each age group are presented with awards)  Banners are presented to the top 6 teams.


Level 8--10 all-around awards given all the way to the end of each age group.  At least 50% medals are presented on events.

Level 8 proceeds on to Regionals by a percentage. Percentage will be announced at the State Meet. 


Level 9 proceeds on to Regionals by score.  The score is listed in the beginning of State Directory.  At the Regional competition, a gymnast can advance on to Western Nationals by being in the top 12 in her age group.  At Western Nationals each gymnast receives a warm-up and leotard. 


Level 10  proceeds on to Regionals by score.  The score is listed in the beginning of the State Directory.  At the Regional Competition, a gymnast can advance on to Junior Olympic Nationals by making the top 7 in each age group.   The 1st alternate also gets to go and is also given the competitive apparel that the Regional team is given.   If she is not needed, she and the next girl in the AA are invited to participate in the NIT competition, which will be on Sunday, following JO Nationals.


Team Scoring at the Judges Cup and State Championships -

Level 4 – Top 3 scores regardless of age in each event per team

Level 5 and Up – Top 3 scores regardless of age in each event per team

Open Draw – There will be an open draw for 1st event at each State Championship.  Squads are put together by State Director or Meet Director and a random draw performed within each team.  Draw will not be modified.

Meet Fees for State Championships – The meet fees are set yearly by the State Board and are approved by the Regional Chairman.  They are found in the beginning of the State Directory.  There will be a last date for getting in the entry before State.  This date is found in the front of the State Directory.  Any entry after this date will be a $50 late fee per team. 

State Meet Door Fees -   The Door fees for admittance to all State Competitions will be $10 all day for Adults, $4 all day for children 5-12, and 4 and under free.

Members on Floor - Coaches and Judges must show their Professional membership card to be on the floor at any sanctioned gymnastics meet.  They must be a Professional member.  Only athletes who are competing during that session or an athlete who would have competed in that session but is injured, may be on the floor.  No other athletes, children, adults may enter the field of play.

Last minute qualifiers -   A gymnast may qualify two weeks before the State competition.  Her coach must notify the State Chairman on Monday following the meet by e-mail and the State Chairman must have that gymnast’s entry fee, and an official copy of the competition scores in hand by that following Friday.  If these two requirements are not met, the gymnast will not be allowed in the State meet unless a $50 late fee is paid in addition to the entry fee.


All-State Banquet and Qualifications –

To qualify for Oklahoma All-State, a gymnast has to have achieved a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish or 37.00 All-around at the Oklahoma State Championships. Also, all Regional, Westerns and National qualifiers are included, but they must compete at either State, Regionals, or both in order to be All-State.  Oklahoma Elite gymnast qualifiers are also included.  Each gymnast is responsible for buying her own banquet ticket.


Shannon Miller Award – The Shannon Miller Award is presented at the Oklahoma All-State Banquet.  There are two categories.  One is presented to a gymnast who has brought recognition through her gymnastics to the State of Oklahoma.  The second category is for a coach, judge or professional that also brings service or recognition to enhance the quality of gymnastics to the state of Oklahoma.  It is not mandatory that the State give this award every year.


How to Host a Meet – Meet directors must send in a meet request to the State Judging Director. A sanction with fee, is sent in to USA Gymnastics.  A meet must be sanctioned to count as a qualifying meet for Oklahoma.  A judges finders fee of $3 per judge must be sent to State Judging Director.

After completion of meet, the official  meet results plus a copy of the sanction must be sent to State Tabulator within 24 hours of completion of the meet. Mitzi Terry is our current state tabulator.  Her name is on the 1st page of the directory.  A copy of the sanction must be sent to USA gymnastics and the Regional Chairman. (all addresses found in the beginning of the State Directory )


State and Sectional Meets -  The Oklahoma State Championships are run by the State with the help of host gyms.  The State is responsible for the payment of sanctions, judges fees and expenses, and awards. (Judges meals during the competition must be provided by host team).  All entry fees go to the State.  The host gym receives all revenues from door admissions, concessions, programs, booth rentals and T-shirt sales.  The  State Meets are bid on during the summer and selected by the board.  The board tries to rotate yearly, based on meet site, equipment, etc.


Courtesy guidelines for entering meets:       

1.         Enter on or before the deadline.

2.         Pay for the number of gymnasts that you entered, not the number that competed.

3.         Give parents directions and competition information, so that they will not need to call the host gym.

4.         Include all information on the entry form, including birthdates, levels, and athlete numbers.




The State Board has adopted the USAG’s National Policy of  proper coaching attire for all Sanctioned competitions held in Oklahoma.  The following clothing is considered proper coaching attire.


SHOES:  Appropriate athletic shoes


PANTS:  Athletic warm-ups or “Docker-Style”  Pants (No Jeans)


SHORTS: Athletic or Tailored shorts that are a reasonable length (7 inch inseam)

 (No Sofi shorts)  (and No shorts with tears, holes, or short shorts or jean shorts)


SHIRTS:  Collared shirts, Business Casual Shirts, or T-Shirts with Gym Logo.

 (No spaghetti straps, low cut tops or midriff revealing shirts)


HATS:  No Hats or Visors           


An injured athlete may petition to the State Meet, but she must provide a Doctor’s note to the State Chairman. The gymnast must also provide proof of 2 all-around scores from the current season that meet the qualification score to State.


Event  Specialists – Optionals only

A gymnast may qualify to the State Meet as an Event Specialist.  She must score a 9.1 at a USA Sanctioned meet to be qualified into the State Meet as a Specialist.  The gymnast must declare her intent to be a specialist when she sends in her state entry fee.  The gymnast will still pay the full entry fee.


Compulsory State – 2 judges per event

Optional State – 2 judges per event

A judge cannot go into a gym and evaluate/critique a USAG Compulsory or Optional gymnast between the drop back date in February and the State Meet.



Switching Gyms

Oklahoma Gymnasts that switch gyms 2 weeks prior to the Oklahoma State Championships, scores will not count for team score.  But, the gymnast will be eligible to receive individual awards and would be able to advance on, if applicable.